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View previous tickets, or to submit a new support ticket

 October 19, 2018     0 Comments

For assistance with logging into your My Account,  please go here.

To submit a support ticket, please:

  1. Log into your 'My Account'
  2. Go to the menu 'Support' and select 'Submit a Request' from the drop down 
  3. Supply the details of the ticket and upload supporting documents like screenshots, if desired.
  4. Click 'Submit Ticket'.

To view previous tickets, please:

  1. Log into your 'My Account'
  2. Go to the menu 'Support' and select from the drop down 'My Tickets' 
  3. In the tickets page, you are able to filter tickets by status (Open, Closed, All), search tickets by keywords, and show up to 100 tickets in the table.
  4. In the table, click on the subject of the desired ticket to view its contents. Note that you can sort the tickets according to Ticket #, Subject, and Status by clicking on the column headers. By default, tickets are arranged by newest Ticket #.
  5. In the individual ticket page, you are able to view the correspondence between you and support. If the ticket is still in Open status, you can send in your reply to support.

Congratulations! You have successfully viewed your previous tickets, and submitted a new support ticket.

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