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View all your packages (services)

 December 13, 2018     0 Comments

For assistance with logging into your My Account,  please go here.

To view your existing packages, please:

  1. Log into your 'My Account
  2. Go to the menu 'Packages' and select 'Package List' from the drop down
  3. In the table, click on the package name to see more details. Note that you can sort the packages according to Id #, Package, Next Due Date, Billing Cycle, and Status by clicking on the column headers. By default, packages are arranged by newest Id #.
  4. For Web and Email Hosting Packages, you can renew the package or log in to its Cpanel by clicking on the gear icon at the last column of the table.
  5. In the individual package page, you are able to renew the package or log in to its Cpanel by clicking on the 'Package Actions' at the right hand side.
  6. The following tabs are available depending on the package type:
    1. Web and Email Hosting Package - Hosting and Billing information tabs
    2. Domain Name Package - Domain Name, Billing, Contact Info, and Name Servers tabs

Congratulations! You have successfully viewed your existing packages.

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