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Track the delivery of an email

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To track the delivery of an email in cPanel, please

  1. Log into your Control Panel (cPanel).
  2. In the Control Panel dashboard, under 'Email' section, click on 'Track Delivery'.
  3. In the next page, you may choose to generate a delivery report for a specific email address or for all email records.
    1. To see a delivery report for a specific email address, enter a recipient email address on the text box then click 'Run Report' button.
    2. To display all email delivery records, leave the 'Recipient Email' text box blank then click 'Run Report'.
    3. Click 'Show All' or 'Show Blocked & Failed' button to filter the results.
  4. The report will show two main sections: 'Delivery Report' table and the 'Email Address Trace' diagram, with the latter section only visible for reports generated with specific email address.


  1. The Delivery Report table shows results for the email query and provides details such as:
    1. Event - this column shows icons that indicates the message's delivery status (ie. success, deferred, failed)
    2. From Address - this column shows the email address on your system that sent the message
    3. Sent Time - this column shows the date and time when the user sent the message
    4. Spam Score - this column shows the email's Apache SpamAssassin score
    5. Recipient - this column shows the email address to which the user sent the message
    6. Result - this column shows a message that describes the delivery results
    7. Actions - this column allows clicking the the 'information' icon to view and print information about the selected message. This information includes the message's sender, recipient, username, and more.
  2.  To show more or hide information / columns in the delivery report table, in the upper right hand corner of the table, click the 'table options' icon which opens the 'Table Options' window.
  3. Choose the preferred columns from the list.
  4. The table records can also be filtered according to message delivery status:
    1. Show Successes - This will display all messages that were successfully delivered to the recipient's inbox
    2. Show Deferred - This will display all system deferred messages
    3. Show Failures - This will display all messages that were not delivered to the recipient's inbox
    4. Show In-Progress - This will display all messages that are currently being processed for sending

NOTE: This diagram only appears when a specific recipient email is entered for report generation.

  1. The diagram visually demonstrates the sent email's delivery route from its source to its destination. This is helpful to determine where email delivery errors (if any) originate, whether the error lies on your server or the receiving end of the email.
  2. The diagram makes use of the following icons:
    1. Mail Routing Error - this indicates the mail routing errors that your message encountered
    2. Filter/Alias File - this indicates the filters through which the message passed
    3. SMTP Destination - this indicates the message's SMTP destination
    4. Local Mailbox - this indicates the local mailbox to which the system delivered the message

Congratulations! You have successfully tracked the delivery of an email.

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