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Manage email disk usage / delete old emails

 December 14, 2018     0 Comments

For assistance with logging into your Control Panel via your 'My Account' area, please go here.

To manage email disk usage / delete old emails in cPanel, please

  1. Log into your Control Panel (cPanel).
  2. In the Control Panel dashboard, under 'Email' section, click on 'Email Disk Usage'.
  3. In the next page, select the account you wish to manage in the 'Account' dropdown menu.
  4. Locate the desired mailbox from the list of mailboxes below.
  5. To free up your email disk space capacity by deleting emails, click the respective 'Manage' link under 'Actions' column.
  6. Select a removal option from 'Messages to delete' dropdown:
    1. 1 year old or more 
    2. 30 MB in size or more 
    3. Previously Viewed 
    4. All Messages
    5. Custom Query - This uses a command to customise your removal option. For more information, read Dovecot's Search Query Format documentation.
  7. Click 'Delete Permanently' button to remove selected email from your server.

Congratulations! You have successfully managed email disk usage / deleted old emails in cPanel.

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