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What is Cloudflare?

 October 19, 2018     0 Comments

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a third-party service that makes websites run better.

Swish Online is pleased to offer Cloudflare to all website hosting accounts for free.

The first advantage Cloudflare offers is a DNS service that is lightning fast. Why do you care about this? Well, if your domain points to Cloudflare, and you require a DNS change, you don’t have to wait ‘up to 24 hours for DNS Propagation’ like you may have heard before. Once it’s changed, and you have cleared your DNS and browser cache at your end, it will have propagated!

The second thing Cloudflare provides is a host of security benefits for your website. By running your domain through Cloudflare, your website is protected against DDos attacks as well as providing an extra layer of protection from malicious threats and comment spam. Visitor blocking rules based on country or IP address can also be configured. It also provides DNSSEC support, which ensures your website's traffic is safely directed to our web servers to prevent ‘man in the middle’ attacks.

The website optimisation features of Cloudflare are also fantastic. When set up properly, this can significantly improve website loading speeds (in combination with Cloudflare’s CDN).

Finally, the biggest of Cloudflare is that it’s a CDN (Content Delivery Network). This means that wherever your website visitors are in the world, their browser is retrieving your web content from the closest Cloudflare data centre to their location

For the reasons above, we highly recommend all our client websites be set up using Cloudflare. And remember, it’s free.

If you’re not sure whether your website is currently using Cloudflare - just check your domain’s name servers in your ‘My Account’ are as per here.

If it’s not using Cloudflare, and you’d like it activated on your account, contact us at and we will arrange this free of charge for you.

If you’d like your website to be configured to take maximum advantage of all Cloudflare’s features, drop us an email at the same address:

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